Deanna (sullenduchess) wrote,

Things that scare me.

This is how long a marathon is:

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My school is less than 8 kilometres away from the “b” marker (you can even see it if you zoom out a wee bit). For reference, once I’ve hit Bathurst as I’m on Hwy 7, I know I will be at the school in 15 minutes if I’m lucky, 20 if I’m being a little more realistic. Once I have driven a marathon on my way to school, typically 40 minutes have passed. 2/3 of my hour long drive. If I were to walk that, it would take me nearly 8 and a half hours (and that’s keeping a brisk walking pace consistently).

For more perspective:

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If I wanted to be able to walk a marathon and end up back at home, I would just barely make it into pickering before I had to turn back. Just far enough into pickering to see the nice subdivision and then go back.

Marathons are a long fucking distance. How do you feel comfortable that far away from home without a car?

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